Resilience. Automated.

We help partners define, measure, and invest in resilience

We work with public and private partners to advance community resilience and health through data-driven solutions, innovative technology, and deep sector knowledge

Our mission at Radbridge is to accelerate and expand investments in community resilience. We do this by combining data, technology, and domain-specific expertise to bridge the gap between communities and their resilience goals. We empower clients and partners – and the communities they serve – through economic impact analysis, benefit-cost analysis, grant application support, and software solutions.

We empower clients to navigate the journey to community resilience can present many challenges – administrative, technical, and political. At Radbridge, we aim to smooth your path, helping you overcome these challenges and focus on what matters most to your success: planning, creative thinking, stakeholder engagement, and project design.

Resilience Framework


We help partners develop a rigorous framework to define resilience on their terms, from visioning and goal setting to the specific targets or metrics.


We help partners evaluate and prioritize future investments or track and manage existing assets.


We help partner organizations navigate the complex state and federal funding landscape and secure investments in community resilience.

We can provide analysis and support across a range of geographic and temporal scales, from a single project to a portfolio of projects within a community or watershed. We’re here to inspire and guide our clients beyond their comfort zone, helping to trailblaze new methods, set bold targets, and achieve measurable advances in resilience.

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